The Art Of The Bussy #NSFW

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Back in October, The Gay UK asked the question no one else dared: What does bussy mean?

Bussy is the combination of Boy and Pussy – which is used to describe a bottom’s bottom. So really you’d only use it in a sexual context, to describe a body part of a guy, or a bottom himself would use Bussy to describe an area of his own body.

The oldest definition of Bussy that we could find was in 2003, which read “Butt pussy; The occurrence of too much anal sex where the butthole is stretched out to form a vagina.”

A Popular Question on Reddit: Why is Boi Pussy better than girls’?

No chance of pregnancy.

Recently the artist Dan Draws Boys has been turning out stunningly funny and incredible illustrations of Gay Boi Pussy culture on Twitter. #GAYNRD spoke to Dan via email.

What inspired you to start doing these illustrations? And where does the term pussy boy come from?
Gay cartoons have been in my porn interests for years. I’ve had the idea of doing it myself for a while, but only recently took the time. Doing it myself allows me to tailor every detail of the fantasy, which I quite enjoy.
Your work on it reminds me of Maurice Vellekoop, both of you deploy highly sexually charged art that’s drafted with the veneer of a Disney cartoon. It makes them cuter rather than dirty.  
I think the cartoon style helps the art because it allows me to put more energy on what matters to the fantasy without compromising the result. In contrast, with some more realistic work I see it seems like so much energy gets lost in the technique, to the cost of shallower content.
To be fair though, I didn’t pick a style very carefully, I just the way I do illustration.

When did his notion of the pussy boy appear? Your work dovetails with it being a phenomena in terms of the “gaping” currently popular in gay porn. If you believe Google Trends it seems the word has been around for a while! In my life however, in the past 5 years I’ve gradually realized there’s a whole subculture of gay man who celebrate perfectly asymetric relationships, with one part holding all the power. This has been a revelation to me.

Gaping comes hand in hand with the fascination I have for the ability of certain boys to entirely devote themselves to the pleasure of a man. Exposing one’s hole, gaping it, stretching it are all efforts to turn away from the classic expression of manliness, by deliberately acting against it to the point of altering one’s body.

Does this fall in the realm of BDSM? I see BDSM as an umbrella term for sexually-charged practices which involve some form of power exchange. Given this definition it does fall in this realm.

Where does  the basic framework for understanding power dynamics, alpha v beta, etc come from? Is there anything resembling an authoritative text on the history of gay kink? I built my idea of a man-pussyboy relationship from personal experience, discussions, and a variety of media found online. One that especially resonated with me and provide tips both on top and bottom behavior is this Reddit thread, which source seems to be lost.