Support Immersive Artists In Time For Christmas: WATCH

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Responding to the lack of financial help available to performers & musicians most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, impresario Nick Atkinson has put together a once in a lifetime collaboration fundraising production celebrating the hope, joy, and spirit of the Holidays.

Screenshot above: Toru Dodu, Nick Parkinson, and Stephanie Amoroso.

Atkinson, the Australian actor and singer best known for creating & playing Maximilian Martel, the iconic emcee of Broadway sensation Sleep No More joined with New York jazz pianist extraordinaire, Toru Dodo for the seven track EP entitled Saint Nick Presents: A Very Dodo Christmas.

Atkinson produced the EP remotely with contributing artists hailing from far flung locales ranging from New York and Los Angeles, to Iowa, and Europe.

Most of the singers appeared in the off-Broadway sensation Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel. Performances in order of appearance include Atkinson, Toru Dodo, Elizabeth Romanski, Julia Haltigan, Christopher Scott, Annie Goodchild, John William Watkins, The Dragon Sisters, and Steph Amoroso.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to support the artists involved.

The album artwork was designed by acclaimed New York illustrator AE Kieran.

The EP is available everywhere now.

The Good Men Project spoke to Atkinson.
What was the catalyst that led to this collaboration? I realized I had to turn something so dreary & dire  into something bright & wonderful. So many friends from the immersive theater community are suffering because of no work & no financial support whatsoever from anywhere. A group of fans created a ‘Lost Halloween’ event that raised over $45000 for immersive workers. I wanted to put all our talents & skills to best use – music for the soul.
Was everyone down from the beginning? Yes indeed! Every performer I reached out to said yes immediately. They completely trusted my vision. Toru the pianist & I had already discussed collaborating on music. He plays piano on jazz singer Somi’s ‘Holy Room’ album which is nominated for a 2021 Jazz Vocal Grammy, a remarkable achievement in itself, that being said, all the artists that appear on this are extraordinarily talents. I was very keen to have Steph Amoroso sing. She has the voice of an angel & she personally raised close to $2,000 for the Loveland Foundation & over $2,000 in October for No Kid Hungry with her weekly Instagram Live performances. Everyone recorded in their home studios between Los Angeles, New York, Switzerland and Iowa. The studio magic came in making it sound like we’re all in the same place at the same time. Very happy with the results! We plan on this being the first of many albums showcasing the extraordinary talents often unsung, often uncredited & often hidden in the shadows of the ‘immursive theatre world.’ I’m so proud of what we achieved.
Watch the video below.
Nick Atkinson is an Australian actor, singer, songwriter, writer & producer based in Los Angeles. He played the role of debonaire host Maximilian Martel in Sleep No More at The McKittrick Hotel from its inception for most of the last decade. A Very Dodo Christmas marks Atkinson’s first foray as an Executive Producer on a musical album.