‘Supernatural’ Fans Start ‘The Castiel Project’ To Raise Money for The Trevor Project

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Supernatural, the long running CW series starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as supernatural investigators and brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester,  that was part Hardy Boys, part Buffy,  just wrapped 15 seasons of adventures when the series finale aired on November 19.

The ensemble cast featured actor Misha Collins, whose portrayal of the angel Castiel was phenomenally popular, and a character that many resonated with, especially LGBT viewers.

According to Queens Journal: “Before it returned to air its final seven episodes, I wrote an article condemning the series’ pattern of queerbaiting that spans over a decade and suggesting Supernatural would end its run without ever confirming romantic feelings between two of its main characters, monster hunter Dean Winchester and Castiel, his angel best friend. I stand corrected—sort of. In the third-last episode of the series, Castiel told Dean he loved him. Destiel—the fan-given name for the relationship between the two characters—trended number one on Twitter(link is external), above even the ongoing US election results. Despite some ambiguity, Misha Collins, the actor who played the angel, confirmed(link is external) the scene was a “homosexual declaration of love” in a virtual panel after the episode’s release. The canonical confirmation of Castiel’s feelings for Dean was a moment of vindication for long-suffering fans like myself, who’ve spent years feeling misled and exploited by the series’ tendency to queerbait(link is external). That vindication, though, is stained by the show’s execution of Castiel’s ‘coming out.’”

According to Nerds and Beyond: A group of fans who wanted to show their appreciation for Castiel’s journey and all it represented over the course of 12 seasons have started The Castiel Project, a fundraising effort aimed at raising money for The Trevor Project in memory of Cas. It is a true indicator of what makes the Supernatural family special — coming together to bring some light and kindness to the world. It’s also a fitting send-off for Misha Collins, the actor behind Castiel who has long been a vocal ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. The effort has raised over $11,000 and counting as of this writing.

The Trevor Project is an organization dedicated to providing support to LGBTQIA+ youth through their crisis hotline and many other projects. The fundraising effort is also notable in that it began on November 20, the Transgender Day of Remembrance. To learn more about The Castiel Project and The Trevor Project, head to the official fundraising page.