‘Superman’ Actor Brandon Routh Says Wearing a Mask Makes You a Hero #TheAmericanWay

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Actor Brandon Routh, who played the titular hero in director Bryan Singer’s 2006 Superman Returns, as well as in last year’s CW crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, had a simple message on the fourth of July: wear a mask.

Brandon Routh wrote on Twitter: “I don’t always play a superhero, but when I do… I care about those around me & if there was the slightest chance I could spread a highly contagious deadly virus to my loved ones/strangers without my awareness, I’d wear a mask. Protecting fellow citizens honors the #AmericanWay.”

The actor made the announcement over the Independence Day Holiday as the state of California effectively mandated a new shutdown and return to quarantine as COVID-19 rates are rising at an alarming rate again.