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Taylor Swift, Ricky Martin, Steve Ditko, Shaun King, George Perez, Ari Koy, Remembering Robin Williams, Adam Driver, Jaboukie Young-White, & Hairy Otters, and More: #GayNrdDaily

STEVE DITKO SPEAKS A day after “Spider-Man” Day, his main co-creator Steve Ditko is featured in 13th Dimension, with an interview from 1968. Ditko died more than a year ago at the age of 90 – and Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego has dedicated its upcoming issue to the elusive and inscrutable comics titan.

Ditko was the artist who created or co-created Dr. Strange, the Creeper, the Question, Mr. A, Hawk and Dove, and so many more.

The Question

To be exceptionally simplistic about it, Ditko broadened the minds of generations of comics fans with his compellingly weird style and sensibility.

Actually, we’re just showing one question – no pun intended — and one answer. Because it’s this exchange that gets to the heart of what Ditko longed to convey through his art.

Check it out – and make sure you grab a copy of the entire issue when it hits your shop. (You can also get it directly from TwoMorrows. Click here.)

RICKY MARTIN finally revealed a photo of his daughter in a post on Facebook.

THE NEW NORMAL This is where we are as a country right now., said Shaun King on FB. “A motorcycle muffler backfired last night in Times Square here in NYC and everybody ran for their lives. It’s horrible.”

IF NOT FOR George Perez, Wonder Woman would’ve ended up super slutty.

Perez told 13th Dimension, “Wonder Woman is a personal triumph for me. As much as my fortune has been made because of Titans primarily, Wonder Woman was a book that, not until recently when the movie came out, did I realize how much of an impact I actually left on the character. Because it was an uphill battle.

Even though I had a wonderful champion in my editor, Karen Berger, a lot of the DC editors at the time really didn’t care for Wonder Woman. I didn’t realize until I came into the office of the then-editor Janice Race, and they were putting together a new Wonder Woman book, that there wasn’t a single woman working in that company — and you’re talking about a company whose publisher was a woman! — who was happy with the direction they were going to go in.

But they had to get the book published, or else they would lose the rights to Wonder Woman. I saw that, and at that point John Byrne was on Superman, Frank Miller had just done Dark Knight and was going to be doing Batman: Year One with David Mazzucchelli and I just, there was just part of me — the inner feminist in me — who was really bothered that she was just kind of being thrown out.

I mean without naming names, when I saw the artist who was going to be on that, I said, “The man is more used to drawing stuff like a Penthouse magazine.” Every woman will vilify this — the premier female character, and we’re going to make her into a raunchy sex object? Oh God, that is the worst direction you could ever take for this character!

DAILY SHOW Correspondent Jaboukie Young-White has tips on nixing your Equinox membership.

WE LOVE OTTERS Whether they’re the sea faring mammals you can view all summer at the Trevor Zoo at Millbrook Prep School, in Millbrook NY or the wild kind spotted on Twitter below.

REMEMBERING Robin Williams, 5 years later.

LET’S FACE IT the Democratic Presidential debates have been a debacle. What they’re missing is DEEZ NUTS to get things popping.

IT AIN’T a River Boat Paddle. FTM super-hottie Ari Koy wants to wreck your ass.

#TaylorSwiftIsAdoredParty is today and we’re here for it.

A FREE BRITNEY Queen Brit made a banger about clinical depression 19 years ago, we didn’t deserve her.

#THANKYOUJOHNNY This is an appreciation post for both the wrestler and the NCT singer. Because both are great and deserve some love, for reasons.

ADAM DRIVER gets strange.


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