Spidey Fans Stan with Tom Holland #SaveSpidey

IN CASE YOU missed it, Deadline reported that Marvel and Sony “have parted ways when it comes to Peter Parker after Disney asked for a larger stake as a co-financier.

Sony apparently wanted to keep the previous arrangement – which has allowed Tom Holland’s webbed-slinger to be an integral part of the MCU – and Disney walked away from the old deal. As a result, both Marvel and its head honcho Kevin Feige, the man who can do no wrong these days, will no longer work as an executive producer for any future live-action Spider-Man movies, of which Sony has at least two more planned with both Holland and director Jon Watts.”

@dekusmvtiverse said it best:

Almost simultaneously Tom Holland’s fans came out in droves on social media with the #SaveSpidey trending within seconds.

OK and if this happens, well then Kevin Feige is motherfucking marketing marvel.

But overall this expresses how we feel.


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