Spider-Man Debuted 57 Years Ago in ‘Amazing Fantasy’ #15: WATCH

ON AUGUST 10th, 1962, Spider-Man made his debut in Marvel Comics’ anthology series, Amazing Fantasy #15.

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man would go on to become Marvel’s number one seller and one of the most popular comic-book characters in history.

Peter Parker was unleashed into the world in Amazing Fantasy #15, which had a cover date of August 1962. While the comic itself was published on August 10th of that year, fans have begun celebrating Spider-Man’s many accomplishments on the first day of the month, paying tribute to the fictional accomplishments of the character and the ways in which he has reminded readers that, with great power comes great responsibility. This year’s event might be one of the biggest yet for the character, thanks in large part to Spider-Man: Far From Home currently being in theaters and earning massive amounts of acclaim.

And Rest in Power, Stan Lee.

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