Season Finale Hints that ‘Titans’ Will Finally Shine in Season 3

The season finale of DCU’s Titans aired last Friday and it had a number of developments that pushed the plot along but like it has previously in season 1, the show seems to have not yet fully found its footing.

We finally got a payoff to Dick Grayson’s identity crisis with him finally adopting the guise of Nightwing. Jericho it turns out did not die at Slade’s hands having jumped into his body at the moment before dead. Rose has apparently known this all along and it was one of the tricks up her sleeve for the final showdown with Slade.


Which happens quickly.

Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke aka The Terminator who has haunted this series since day one, is dispatched by Rose at the 12:05 mark. I mean. The writers 10 minutes into the finale were like…

The show then spends the rest of the episode wrapping up every loose plot thread they can, before killing Donna Troy in the dumbest accident. We’re supposed to believe that Wonder Girl who went punch for punch with a Kryptonian clone aka Conner Kent, and is fine,  is struck dead when an electrical pole falls on her? Predictably, Themiscyran airlines has dispatched their private jet so she can get a proper Amazonian burial, with Raven tagging along because she believes she can save her.

Meanwhile actor Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson seems to have shed all the creepy weird stuff that’s made him a dark soldier as opposed to the naturally leading acrobat he is.

So that’s promising.

Thwaites and actor Joshua Orpin (Conner Kent) actually seem to like each other and have chemistry with a scene where they nail the dynamic of the two heroes.

After a season of hunting Kory (played by Anna Diop), her sister Blackfire (Damaris Lewis) has finally arrived on Earth. The supervillain is the queen of their home planet—Tamaran—after killing their parents. Now she’s hellbent on finding her sister and bringing her back to Tamaran at any cost.

Blackfire’s arrival on Earth isn’t just bad news for Kory. Given that she never carried out her ultimate mission—killing Rachel—the young empath is certainly in danger. You’re going to have to wait just to see how much danger she’s in, though.

Season 3 of Titans will presumably be back this fall.



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