Sex Education Strikes Back In Season 3: WATCH

The best show on Netflix, Sex Eduction finally returned for season 3 last week, after what seemed like a questionable first trimester at a Planned Parenthood.

Season 3 picks up with Aimee still reeling from the trauma of being sexually assaulted on the school bus. But according to Vulture: the best episode of season three yet, Sex Education takes a trip to France. It’s the kind of new, abnormal setting rife with potential for conflict, and it allows for some interesting character dynamics that might not happen otherwise. Most impressive, the trip relentlessly pushes the plot forward in many of this season’s key story lines — while also featuring a drug trip and one of the most hilariously outrageous scenes of the show.

When Rahim clogs the coach toilet, he starts to panic. Other people are knocking, and flushing doesn’t seem to do anything but overflow the toilet. So he does what any of us would do: He reaches into the toilet, loads a sock with his own excrement, and lobs it out the window. It’s a creative alternative to plunging, but the problem is the French family driving behind the coach. The turd splatters graphically on the windshield like something from a horror movie, traumatizing a little kid and causing the car to swerve into the coach.

What’s great about the poop scene, besides the shock and chaotic hilarity, is that it’s also an effective plot device. Adam, stuck in the same group as Rahim, takes the fall when the teachers investigate which student threw the shit-filled sock out the window. It totally alters Rahim’s perception of him as “unremarkable.”

The poop scene also leads to Maeve and Aimee’s first fight after Maeve finds out Aimee paid for her trip. At first, it’s an argument about class and privilege; Aimee doesn’t quite understand why Maeve would be upset at getting a massive handout from her best friend. But it becomes about more than that when Aimee points out Maeve’s pattern of rejecting help and pushing away the people who love her. And it escalates even further when Maeve accuses Aimee of staying with Steve just because she’s too much of a people pleaser. It’s a mean thing to say, even if Aimee is continuing to avoid dealing with the fundamental problems in her relationship.

And there’s more.

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