Seven of Nine and Raffi Become StarTrek’s First Lesbian Couple

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Thursday’s release of the season finale of Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access squared away almost all the plot points raised in the beginning of the season, as well as suggesting new adventures with Picard and his new “motley” crew, including Annika aka Seven of Nine (actress Jeri Taylor who reprised her ex-Borg character from Star Trek: Voyager) and conformation that she’s into women, in particular Raffi Musker played by the exquisitely wonderful Michelle Hurd.

At the end of the episode, Raffi and Seven are shown holding hands romantically and build on what head writer Michael Chabon hinted at early on in the season, that one of the characters on the show would come out as LGBTQ.

If so, that would make them the first lesbian couple on a Star Trek franchise following Discovery‘s lead with Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp’s characters.

It had already been rumored that Seven’s particular grudge against Bjayzl, who was responsible for the death and harvest of his Borg parts, Icheb (another Voyager character)  was fueled because she had revealed his existence when they were romantically involved.

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