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Lesbian Stand-Up Comic Sam Jay Says, ‘It’s OK to be Uncomfortable, It’s OK to be Confused, It’s Not OK to Act Like People Don’t Have the Same Rights as You’ —WATCH

Sam Jay Comedy Special 2020. Sam Jay. Cr. Marcus Price/NETFLIX © 2020

SNL writer and comedian Sam Jay had her first Netflix comedy special 3 In the A.M. debut August 4th, and not only did she kill but her comedic storytelling challenged almost every assumption that the audience may have possessed  going into a show headlined by one of the few lesbian Black comedians to achieve her level of prominence.

Vulture notes that Jay, “Most interestingly, and most richly for Jay, there are several jokes on gender, biology, trans people, queerness, and bodies. It’s an area where other comedians have floundered — most famously Dave Chappelle, who insists on biological essentialism in a way that, for him, reinforces strangeness, wrongness, and discomfort. (Primarily his own.) Jay has as much fascination with biology as Chappelle. She jokes about peeing and how women aren’t taught how to pee well. She jabs at her own dislike of male bodies and about the undeniable appeal of physical power. That Aziz joke, which deftly zags where you expect it to zig, is not about Me Too and consent. It’s about sheer physicality.”

She also has a hilarious bit about Trump being the first nigger president that may be the funniest bit in the history of stand -up. But Fast Company responds, “As much as viewers learn about who Trump may very well be during this special, though, what should be far more interesting is what they learn about who Jay herself is: a quick, thoughtful comedian with lots of swagger and even more to say.”


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