Russian LGBT Activist Elena Grigoryeva Found Murdered

Russian LGBT activist Dinar Idrisov posted on Facebook that his fellow activist and friend Elena Grigoryeva was found murdered, having been stabbed multiple times, near her apartment.

The Moscow Times reports: ‘The activist had regularly received death threats and reported them to the police, who did nothing to protect her before she was murdered, fellow activist Dinar Idrisov wrote on Facebook on Monday. “A reminder: Yelena was listed on the homophobic ‘Saw’ website which has long threatened LGBT activists across the country,” photojournalist Georgy Markov wrote. Grigoriyeva had been stabbed at least eight times, the St. Petersburg news website reported.’

According to the BBC:

A prominent LGBT rights campaigner has been found dead with multiple stab wounds and signs of strangulation in the Russian city of St Petersburg. 

The body of a 41-year-old woman was found in bushes near her home in the city on Sunday, local police said. 

Relatives and friends later named the victim as Yelena Grigoryeva, Russian news website Fontanka reports.

Ms Grigoryeva, who had reportedly received death threats, regularly campaigned for human rights in Russia.

From Mr. Idrisov’s post:

Trouble. A civil activist was killed in St. Petersburg again.

The civil activist of the democratic, anti-military and LGBT movements of Елена Grigorʹeva was brutally killed near his home on the night of Friday for Saturday. Her mutilated body was discovered yesterday. A Criminal Case has been initiated and the suspect allegedly detained in the hot trail… but all this is not so important. Lena is no longer, and she has lived not so much.

Recently, she has become a victim of violence and has often been threatened by murder. Whether these attacks, threats and now murder are linked to its political views, which have changed from nationalist to liberal and LGBT, with its undoubtedly active life position, character and style of behavior – absolutely no matter. Every man has the right to life. And the state of Russia must have her right to life guarantee. Lena and her lawyer addressed the law enforcement and the fact of violence, and the fact of threats, but there was no noticeable reaction. Everything in the style of “will kill – call”, call didn’t make it. And the phone of Lena works so far, accounts on social networks someone translate in online, maybe it’s cynical operators or investigator. A man is no longer alive for more than a day, and he is still in he-Laine. Lena and I have 249 common friends. I’m sorry if they learn from me about her death. To all common friends and friends Elena Grigoryeva sincerely sorry. Lena goodbye 

Yes, I found out today that lena asked a common friend in case of her death to take care of her cat when she started to threaten the murder. She promised to do it to calm her down, although she did not believe in the realization of threats. Asked to make her a duplicate of the key, but she didn’t make it…

(on January 26, 2018, in a very strange circumstances, a civil activist Константин Sinicin was killed in the entrance of his home. The investigation of the criminal case has not been brought. The convict for his murder is probably not involved in the apartment. Earlier on December 27, 2017, the murder of a civil activist Владимир Ivanûtenko, currently in custody in sizo-6 and de facto accused in the preparation of the murder of the “cook of Putin” by Eugenia Prigožina, was attempted. Vladimir Miracle then survived after several knife wounds, but could not avoid provocation and fabricated criminal prosecution).

Some details have become known from the publication of Фонтанка.ру

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