Russian Authorities Have Arrested a Suspect in the Horrific ‘Saw’ Inspired Murder of LGBT Activist Yelena Grigoryeva

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Earlier this week, prominent Russian LGBT activist Elena Grigoryeva was found murdered, having been stabbed multiple times, near her apartment.

Grigoryeva was listed on the homophobic Saw website which has long threatened LGBT activists across the country,” photojournalist Georgy Markov wrote. Grigoriyeva had been stabbed at least eight times, 

But now it appears the murderer has been apprehended.

Radio Free Europe reports: ‘The Investigative Committee said on July 25 that an acquaintance of Grigoryeva, a Kyrgyz-born resident of St. Petersburg, had been arrested on suspicion of killing the activist, who was found dead, apparently strangled and with multiple stab wounds, according to local media.  The man, whose name was not released, killed Grigoryeva during an altercation and had no political motive, the committee said. “As a result of materials collected by investigators about the deceased woman, it has been established that she led an asocial lifestyle, repeatedly drinking alcoholic beverages with various people, including the suspect,” the committee said in a statement.’

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