Letterkenny’s Ronnie & Dax are Your New Spirit Animals: WATCH

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If you haven’t seen Letterkenny, you’re missing out.

The show, whose 7th season is now streaming on Hulu, is a hilarious gem. The Canadian show has become uber popular and this season, it has one-upped and arguably instantly became the queerest comedy show since Canada’s last mostly male comedy troupe, The Kids in the Hall, by introducing the characters Ronnie and Dax.

Ron (Ronnie to Dax, Ronzy to Reilly and Jonesy) is portrayed by James Daly. He is the gym buddy and later revealed to be the husband of Dax.

Ron and Dax are originally from the city, and moved to Letterkenny for unspecified reasons. The first of the main characters to encounter them is Jonesy, working out alone at the gym.  Ron and Dax approach him at the bench press and begin tossing hockey-related sexual innuendos at him. Reilly, working out alone later, receives the same kind of greeting.

Dax: Who brought the fucking rocket, boys?
Ron: Whose billet brother’s a fucking rocket, boys?
Dax: Let’s play a little two-on-onesky.
Ron: I’ll play left, he’ll play right, you fill the middle.
Dax: Ride the pine, we’ll change on-the-fly.
Ron: Let’s find your neutral zones.
Dax: I’d love to backcheck you, bud.
Ron: It’s a butt-ending clinic over here, boys.
Dax: You make my stick hot. Get it?
Ron: Come penetrate the slot, mister.
Dax: You a good D-man?
Ron: I’ll show you a good D, man.
Dax: Why don’t you go ahead and lay me some of that skin, Ronnie?
Ron: Coming right up, Daxy.
Reilly: I miss my buddy.
Dax: I’ll be your buddy.
Ron: I’ll be your buddy.
Dax: What are we even doing here?

When Reilly asks why he’s rocking a semi, Ron says,”We’re gay guys at the gym, we’re always rocking semis.”

Watch the characters introduction below.


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