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Robin Williams’ Son Zak is Raising Awareness About Suicide and Mental Illness

Robin Williams with his son Zachary in 2002 at the “One Hour Photo” premiere. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Appearing in a series of black-and-white photos on the Instagram page for the Faces of Fortitude project, which aims to provide a “safe space” for those affected by suicide, Robin Williams’ son Zachary took part in the campaign.

It’s been 5 years since his father, legendary comedian Robin Williams, committed suicide.

“There’s no education in place to tell you how to deal with this,” Williams says in the Instagram post. “To balance how to grieve privately with your family and then also to have to grieve publicly. While it was nice to be heard, I was spending time on the outer layer instead of on the inside. It wasn’t just the survivor network for me, it was the whole world.”

Prior to his father’s death, Zak was notable for his low profile and near invisible presence in Hollywood.

Heavy reported at the time of Robin’s death, “Robin Williams once said that one of the biggest reasons he first quit drugs was the birth of his son Zak.”

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