Right Wing Reaction to Pete Buttigieg’s Lead in Iowa: ‘Effeminate Sodomite’ Cannot Compete with President Trump

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With Pete Buttigieg still in the lead by a slim margin in the ongoing voter count at the Iowa Caucuses that occurred Tuesday night, the right wing has flown in with their homophobic teeth bared.

Right wing columnist,  Andrew Bieszad wrote this week that the “sodomite” is simply too “effeminate” to compete with President Donald Trump in the general election. “A woman ran in 2016 for the Democrats and lost. Right now, it appears that the sodomite Buttigieg is being promoted, but he is highly effeminate and it is very likely he will be crushed by Trump in 2020 should he be nominated,” Bieszad said in his column.

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer said on his radio show Wednesday, “Do we want somebody who engages in that kind of sexual conduct to serve as a role model for the rest of the country, to serve as a role model for America’s children,” Fischer says. “I vote no.”

Fischer has said that electing an “unrepentant homosexual” like Buttigieg “would be suicidal” for America.




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