Pro Hockey Player Jon Lee-Olson Comes Out: WATCH

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While the NHL is one of the few American sports leagues that does not have any openly LGBT players, Jon Lee-Olson, the goalkeeper of Rungsted Seier Capital in Rungsted, Denmark, came out as gay during a live Danish TV interview.

Lee-Olson, told  Outsports: “There’s a risk that some people might shout and heckle me while I’m playing matches. It’s something I have to be ready for, and be mature about. But I feel that I’m ready to show that you can be gay and play ice hockey. It took longer than I expected, but now I’m ready to stand up for myself and others.”

Danish NHL player Lars Eller of the Washington Capitals spoke out following Lee-Olson’s coming out: “It’s special. You might say that about any sport, but ice hockey has a very macho culture, so I think it must not have been an easy decision for him. It’s very brave.”

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