‘Pretty Dudes’ Will Return for a Second Season: WATCH

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Even with Pretty Dudes currently in production of their second season and premiering a new short film next month, creator Chance Calloway still says, “I’m still happy to get eyeballs on our first season.”

Season one follows a group of friends who band together to get their friend Zario a new boyfriend. As the season continues, they explore their respective relationships, sexualities, and prejudices. Their drama is your comedy.

Check out the hilarious clip for the “Caught Red Handed” episode of season one of Pretty Dudes below.

Sunji (Yoshi Sudarso) worries that he may have a private problem that the guys are unwilling to assist with. Zario (Bryan Michael Nuñez) is reminded of the first time he met Sunji and Ellington (Xavier Avila). Also starring Tae Song and Kyle Rezzarday.

Pretty Dudes stars Yoshi Sudarso (Power Rangers) and Tae Song (Spa Night) and is available on Amazon Prime, and the Pretty Dudes website.

Watch the trailer below.

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