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#GAYNRD DAILY the news and art round-up for Friday, June 25, 2021. Art above: Marvel VOICES Pride #1. Art below: Robin #3.

“The opposite of talking isn’t listening. The opposite of talking is waiting.”
Fran Lebowitz

PROUD AND POTENT Every June, companies and brands make a conscious effort to recognize the LGBTQIA+ influence across the globe and honor the Stonewall Riots that took place in June 1969. While most companies focus their efforts during the month of June, San Diego based cannabis brand, Platinum, has been a proud, year-long supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. As a tribute to the LGBTQIA+ community, Platinum extended their year-long social equity program, REACT, to include a special, Pride-themed vape cartridge. A portion of the sales from their Pride-themed vapes go toward the California and Michigan chapters of Equality, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and bringing their voices to institutions of power nationwide.

Carefully tested and packaged in bright, colorful packaging true to the Platinum brand, and Pride, this special edition vape cart is made with the same purely distilled cannabis oil and high quality terpenes as their award winning vapes. Platinum’s Pride-themed vape cartridges are available at participating California and Michigan dispensaries and contain a whopping 90% THC. Full gram vape cartridges retail for $40-$60 and half gram vape cartridges retail for $25-$35. For more info visit them here.

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A PASTRY ABOUT NOTHING Jerry Seinfeld will return to Netflix with a series that will reportedly be about Pop Tarts and modern life.

NO PARTY at Pride would be complete without CONQUERing’s Pride spinner! Show your support and pride for LGBTQIA+ equality with this PRIDE spinner. All our products are specifically designed to be universal and we’re thrilled to release this gender-inclusive spinner in honor of PRIDE month. Since the message on the spinner is “hidden” until you give it a spin, you can choose to keep its meaning to yourself or share it with others as a conversation starter.This is a great gift for someone identifying as part of the LGBTQIA+ community or for those wishing to express support.


PHOTO OF THE DAY Popocatépetl Mexico-Puebla-Morelos, Mexico.

DE-ESCALATION new techniques for police officers.




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RETURNING TO GAY BARS is fraught. Vox: It’s Pride month after a devastating year of isolation and loss. The pandemic has wreaked disproportionate havoc on LGBTQ+ people, who have been more likely to face bad health outcomes, economic hardship, and mental health strain as a result of Covid-19 and the preventive measures that forced us apart.


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Now, we’re meant to be making up for lost time, and June being our prescribed month for social and political unity, it’s supposed to mean something. Some people continued clandestine gatherings all along, as style pages whispered, while others were dragged on social media for doing so openly. But secrets and shame are the opposite of Pride. This month was going to be different.


POSERS we’re shameless.


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GLAAD AWARDS went to Star Trek: Discovery.


PETE DAVIDSON says this may be his last season on SNL.

BRITNEY SPEARS‘ Full Statement Against Conservatorship: ‘I Am Traumatized’ Variety: “In a 24-minute statement against the conservatorship she’s lived under for 13 years, Britney Spears sounded off before a Los Angeles probate judge Brenda Penny on Wednesday, saying that she wants to sue her family and that she was “abused” by a previous therapist, among multiple other accusations.”

“I’ve been in shock. I am traumatized,” she said, during a hearing that was livestreamed to the media by the court. “I just want my life back.” She said she wants the conservatorship, which she feels is “abusive,” to end “without having to be evaluated.”

She also said when she said she was okay in Instagram posts she shared over the past year, “I was in denial.”

“We spend most of our lives reaching out and trying to communicate. If during our whole lifetime, we could reach out and really communicate with just two people, we are indeed very fortunate.” Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek


OLLY ALEXANDER behind the scenes on the “Starstruck” video set.

AHEM this.

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VIRTUAL PRIDE is dope this year.

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BI PRIDE for Loki.

KEEP PRIDE NAKED Arguments that kink has no place in a post-#MeToo Pride may appear reasonable, but celebrating public sexuality is an important step toward a future free of racism and homophobia says the Boston Review.

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MY LIFE by Mary J. Blige drops on Prime today. Blige wrote on FB: “Today is the birthday of my new baby! My Amazon Prime Video documentary, Mary J. Blige’s: My Life produced by my new production company Blue Butterfly Productions. I hope that it inspires and blesses you! Thank you to all my family, friends, peers and most of all my fans who participated in this. I love you so deep.”

SIZE MATTERS apparently.

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OUT OF CONTEXT and old comic-book panel seems eerily relevant.

FAN ART Swamp Thing.

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THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET from the Westboro Baptist Church this weekend.

NEVER FORGET thanks Dan Savage.

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DESIGN GURU Tim Leong was surprised that Book Authority named his 2013 book Super Graphic as one of the 100 Best Art Books of All Time. We’re not.

NEVER FORGET Marsha P. Johnson.

Pride exists because of a woman.
Pride exists because of a Black woman.
Pride exists because of a Black trans woman.
Pride exists because of a Black trans woman who was a sex worker.
Pride exists because of a Black, bisexual trans woman who was a sex worker that threw a brick at a cop.
Pride exists because of a Black, bisexual trans woman, who was a sex worker, that threw a brick at a cop and started a riot against the state.
Don’t lose this month in rainbow capitalism and unabashed racism because of the privilege of being white while queer.
If you aren’t supporting queer people of color, trans women, and queer sex workers, you aren’t celebrating pride, you are celebrating rainbow capitalism and police brutality.
Her name was Marsha P. Johnson. #marthapjohnson #stonewall #pridemonth #pride #pride2021

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GRATUITOUS Check your messages.

GAY AGENDA There’s one thing Jay Collier knows for sure—he’s a statistical anomaly as the only out gay kid in his small rural Washington town. While all this friends can’t stop talking about their heterosexual hookups and relationships, Jay can only dream of his own firsts, compiling a romance to-do list of all the things he hopes to one day experience—his Gay Agenda. Then, against all odds, Jay’s family moves to Seattle and he starts his senior year at a new high school with a thriving LGBT community. For the first time ever, Jay feels like he’s found where he truly belongs, where he can flirt with Very Sexy Boys and search for love. But as Jay begins crossing items off his list, he’ll soon be torn between his heart and his hormones, his old friends and his new ones…because after all, life and love don’t always go according to plan.

From debut novelist Jason June comes a moving and hilarious sex-positive story about the complexities of first loves, first hookups, and first heartbreaks—and how to stay true to yourself while embracing what you never saw coming

TYLER THE CREATOR “Tyler, the Creator finds himself a lauded, longstanding figure in hip-hop and beyond, and the author of a succession of Top 10 albums, the last of which – 2019’s Igor – won a Grammy and went to No 1 in the US. “Doing what I’m doing” turned out to mean doing the last things you would once have expected, including gradually toning down the more controversy-provoking aspects of his style without losing his experimental edge, bringing tenderness and greater sincerity to his honesty and vulnerability, imperiously shifting his sound at will, and singing. The author of 2011’s starkly oppressive Goblin was subsequently to be found making Dr Seuss-inspired EPs with “seven-year-olds in mind”; the contents of Igor were less like hip-hop than an exploratory, 21st-century take on soul music.” The Guardian.

CAROLE BASKIN told “Dr. V” Venus Nicolino about the show’s impact — death threats included. Baskin also spoke about the portrayal of her as a “vicious, gold-digging, home-wrecking murderer” — all while Joe Exotic emerged as a cult hero, even as he sits in prison.

Listen to the podcast here.

WENDY as the new Dr. Manhattan.

WHEN YOU A TOY McDonalds don’t know how to sell in a Happy Meal. #viral #luca #mcdonalds #wtf♬ willy p3nis banana nation – 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

GRATUITOUS legs for days.

NEW ART by Felipe.

THE VFX of WandaVision. Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) show their techniques for their visual effects story.

WandaVision VFX Reel — Vision | MARZ from MARZ VFX on Vimeo.

VIDEO OF THE DAY  Doja Cat, The Weeknd – You Right (Official Video).

MASK MESSAGE misunderstood.

VIDEO OF THE DAY TOO Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits [Official Video].


YES PLEASE it’s Happy Hour somewhere. The W Hotel, Vieques.

SOLSTICE ball drop.

THIS always.

SEATTLE has the Fremont Solstice Festival every year.


TRAILER OF THE DAY TOO SCHMIGADOON! Official Trailer starring Cecily Strong, Keegan-Michael Key.


VISION 🤖 Stylised Portrait

TGIF more gratuitous.

FAN ART Young Justice by Leomatos2014 colors by kpearce.


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