Pete Buttigieg’s Foreign Policy Is the Most Forward-Looking and Relevant for the U.S. to Maintain Global Hegemony

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At last night’s Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa, Pete Buttigieg once again proved his meddle as not only being the smartest person in the room but also the most innovative and forward thinking.

Vox said: The night began with a discussion of foreign policy, which arguably should be Buttigieg’s weakest area. Being mayor of the fourth-largest city in Indiana does not exactly make you Talleyrand. And the moderators explicitly framed the discussion as a challenge to Buttigieg, asking Sen. Amy Klobuchar, “Sen. Klobuchar, you’ve publicly questioned Mayor Buttigieg’s experience when it comes to being commander in chief. Why is your time as a US senator more valuable than his time as a US naval intelligence officer in Afghanistan and as mayor?”

But Buttigieg more than held his own, deftly reframing his lack of experience with a more forward-looking response: “The next president is going to be confronted with national security challenges different in scope and in kind from anything we’ve seen before,” he countered. “Not just conventional military challenges, not just stateless terrorism, but cybersecurity challenges, climate security challenges, foreign interference in our elections.”

Translation: Your experience is not relevant, or at least not more relevant than mine.

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