Pete Buttigieg Shaves His Head in Solidarity with Gay Men in Quarantine Everywhere #PeteButtigieg #BeardEdgeEdge

With the quarantine keeping barbers and hair stylists shops closed and with some of of us going into our fourth week of self-quarantine in an effort to stem the tide of of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have taken to shaving our heads. Memes abound with the photos of the time Britney lost it and shaved her head on gay boy Twitter. And serious magazines like GQ have articles on how to stay shaped up while socially distancing.

Pete Buttigieg, proving once and for all that he is as gay as Britney, has done the same. If you thought #beardedbuttigieg was hot, than hold your blasters. “So @PeteButtigieg shaved his head during quarantine. So there you have it to all your trolling naysayers. He is more than gay enough!” #PeteButtigieg #BeardEdgeEdge

This is everything.

It was a notable for a “Better Future.”