Pete Buttigieg Seeks Support for Down-Ballot Candidates: WATCH

Pete Buttigieg appeared on Morning Joe Thursday stressing the importance supporting down ballot candidates in the upcoming elections with his new PAC Win The Era.

Buttigieg said on the program and in a tweet: “It’s not enough to just replace Trump. We must do away with the cruelty and division that have defined this era, and elect leaders at every level who will build a better, more inclusive future for this country and the next generation.”

Buttigieg continued in another tweet: In our first group of endorsements, we have 22 terrific people running for office at all levels of government. I think you will be as excited about them as I am. Get to know these candidates and learn how you can help:

In April the New York Times said of Win the Era: Mr. Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., is forming both a political action committee, called Win the Era, and an affiliated nonprofit group, according to people briefed on the plans. Donors have been told that the PAC will support and endorse candidates who represent generational change, specifically in down-ballot races, in hopes of helping to create a “pipeline” for the party. The groups will also promote issues such as climate change and cybersecurity. A skeletal version of a website that refashions Mr. Buttigieg’s 2020 logo, replacing the word “Pete” with “Win the Era,” is already online, though it has not been advertised. “There is simply too much at stake to retreat to the sidelines now,” the site reads. “Together we can build the era that must come next.”

“The work of electing a forward-thinking generation of Democratic candidates never ends,” said Lis Smith, a spokeswoman for Mr. Buttigieg and a senior adviser to his campaign, when asked about his plans. “Pete will do his part by building and leading the Win the Era PAC as we get closer to the November election.”

MSNBC said, “Fmr. 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, discusses down-ballot endorsements and how Joe Biden’s campaign can innovate while campaigning from home.”

Watch below.