Pedro Zamora Graces NYC Buses for Pride

Pedro Zamora’s The Real World San Francisco co-star Judd Winick posted the photo on Facebook.

“Oh.‬ That is very sweet.‬ Pedro Zamora’s picture is painted on the side of a bus for PRIDE in NYC,” Winick wrote on his post.

Plus magazine wrote in 2017, “Winick and his wife Pam, were both friends of Zamora’s 22 years ago, when the world got to know him on the show. “We have basically been given license to speak about him because we were there when the world met him,” Winick explains.

Now he says, “there’s thousands of young people who carry his torch. That’s who bears his legacy. All Pedro wanted was to empower young people. That’s who carries on for him. Pam and I can talk about him. But the real work will come from the young people who Pedro represented. The young people he fought for. Then and even more so now.”

Word. Happy Pride Y’all!

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