Patrick Stewart Tells NPR Why He Returned for ‘Star Trek: Picard’—LISTEN

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Sir Patrick Stewart talked to NPR’s Fresh Air about why he returned to do Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access in a wide ranging interview that covered much of his career.

According to NPR, “When he heard about plans for Star Trek: Picard, a new series on CBS All Access, he wasn’t interested. Nevertheless, he agreed to take a meeting with the show’s executive producers. “This may sound somewhat arrogant,” he says, “but … I wanted to meet with these brilliant people face to face to tell them why I was going to say no to their show.”

The meeting didn’t go as planned. Instead, Stewart listened as the executive producers described the series, and his outlook began to shift. “A little tingle started in my spine with regard to some of the ideas and concepts that they were putting forward,” he says.

Listen to the whole interview below.