Over 100 University of Washington Fraternity Members Test Positive for Coronavirus

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One-hundred and five students living in fraternity housing at the University of Washington in Seattle have self disclosed as testing positive for COVID-19.

According to CBS News, “More than 100 students living in fraternity houses near the University of Washington campus have reported testing positive for COVID-19, with hundreds of results pending. The Interfraternity Council, a student-led governing board for UW fraternities, said that at least 105 residents living in 15 fraternity houses have self-reported that they tested positive, CBS affiliate KIRO-TV reports. The university learned Saturday that some fraternity residents had symptoms of COVID-19, and public health officials noticed a spike in cases among people ages 18 to 20, according to university spokeswoman Michelle Ma.”

Daniel Leifer, a pediatrician studying dermatology at UW, estimates he saw about a dozen parties when walking by Greek Row in recent months. Students stood close together, and masks were nowhere to be seen, he said.

The numbers could affect whether the campus opens for business as usual come this September.