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Oklahoma Says Bashing of a Gay Man Doesn’t Count As a Hate Crime: WATCH

28 year-old Christian Council was beaten by two men in his own apartment complex parking lot in Oklahoma City, on June 27, 2020 that won’t be prosecuted as a hate crime even though the attackers allegedly and repeatedly called Council and his friend Andrew Martinez a faggot and cock sucker.

Photo above: Council after the beating. via Facebook

Council claims he had honked at the truck because it was blocking him from parking in his own space.

Two men and a woman exited the vehicle and started yelling the gay slurs and asking “Are you two a couple? You think you can honk at us?”

Council exited the vehicle to explain when the woman started pushing Council, and when Council pushed the woman attacking him away from him, the two men attacked. One restrained Martinez, while the other man, her boyfriend, beat Council.

Council was beaten unconscious.

According to the The Oklahoman, “The two men that were standing with her said, ‘You faggot, don’t you know you can’t hit a girl?’” Council said. “And the driver of the truck and the girl’s boyfriend beat me. Beat me unconscious.”

Council claims 24-year-old Bennett Stone of Edmond took his shirt off and started the beating, with the group yelling gay slurs during the assault. Council’s friend, Martinez, issued a statement that he tried to help, but one of the men, who is unidentified in police reports, stopped beating Council and restrained Martinez as the assault continued.


“Christian was unconscious for a minute or two,” Martinez said. “I know this because he was not responsive to any of the blows and his body was limp. When Christian came to, he started yelling for help and begging for them to stop. When I was prevented from helping, I immediately called 911 and urged them to send police to the scene ASAP. Shortly thereafter, the police got to the scene and I started to record the situation.”

Under Oklahoma law, LGBT citizens are not a protected class and the attackers cannot be charged with a hate crime in the incident. The incident is being reviewed by Oklahoma lawmakers.

The Oklahoman says that LGBTQ advocacy groups are calling for restorative justice and criticizing Oklahoma for a political climate they say emboldens hate crimes.

Watch Council’s interview below.


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