New Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Trailer Just Dropped and Make No Mistake Captain Burnham Is In Charge

Paramount+ dropped the first trailer to Star Trek: Discovery season 4  Monday as a part of a series of online events to celebrate First Contact Day, and we can’t friggin’ wait!

A gravitational anomaly five light years across threatens the known universe and we hear a voice say offscreen, “Captain Burnham make no mistake you are in charge.”


Saru on Kaminar! The president of Ni’Var! Admiral Vance! The president of Ni’var mind melding with Book! The NEW uniforms! Dr. Gabriel Burnham and the Qowat Milat!

But the best part of watching the trailer was reading Twink Spock on Twitter’s breakdowns.

On the uniforms:

On the return of President T’Rina of Ni’Var (the planet formerly known as Vulcan):

On old gen Trek fans hating the serialized story arcs of Discovery as opposed to being an anthology show:

Twink Spock even slipped in a whole new ship that never occurred to us:

Star Trek: Discovery returns to Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) on an as of yet undisclosed date in 2021. Watch the trailer below.