New ONYX+ by Kiiroo is Welcome Entry in the Teledildonic Space: REVIEW

As someone relatively new to sex toys, to say the innovation in the products is an unexpected surprise would be an understatement. I thought they were simple devices you purchased online or at a local sex shop and took them out whenever you were in the mood. Simple, yet effective. I didn’t really think they needed to be anything beyond that.

I was wrong.

Thanks to companies like KIIROO, the power and intimacy of the sex toy has been taken to a whole other level.

The company is already leading the interactive sex toy industry with toys like The Onyx and the Fleshlight Launch. Toys which can be controlled manually, but also digitally synced with your phone, your partners phone, or even certain videos on some of your favorite porn sites. Connect everything with VR  and they sync allows you to virtually feel what is happening in the video.

As you can see by my personal demo here:

It’s mind blowing.

They’re newest toy, the Onyx +, is a sleek, easily stored interactive male masturbation device that, like previous toys can not only be handled manually, but also allows digital control from yourself or your partner and by pairing it with the official FeelConnect App. Or, pair it with  a partner’s KIIROO device and it’s the perfect plaything when you’re both wanting to play, but are unable to be physically together.

Photo above: The Onyx+


The device has three modes: Manual, Bluetooth, and automatic. To switch between modes, you simply click the single multifunctional button until you reach the mode of your choice. Then you just sit, lay, or stand back and enjoy. The device will do the rest.

As one of the first twenty people in the world to receive the Onyx + I was pretty excited to give it a try. While I’ve been pretty open about not having a partner, I did want to see what videos I could pair the onyx + to. To my disappointment, I wasn’t able to find any videos on that were geared towards myself, as a gay man. So instead, I decided to lay down and give the automatic mode a try.

There are four automatic modes: Full stroke, power up, hand-job, and storm. Each one of them is interesting, unique, and gets the job done. The ReelFeel sleeve does live up to its name, and inside the device are ten rings that are designed to simulate intercourse and stroke up and down (up to 140 times a minute) in real time.

It’s truly a unique device and with a quieter motor than either of it’s predecessors, the Onyx + is a pretty fantastic sex toy. You can purchase it directly from KIIROO here.

Gratuitous: Watch this young stud enjoy a traditional Fleshlight here.

We’re looking forward to reviewing the Fleshlight Launch. About which Forbes said;

“The Fleshlight Launch is the product of a partnership between Fleshlight and Kiiroo, one of the top producers in the teledildonic space. The device, which “automates” the Fleshlight for users, remains a favorite among adult VR fans with penises, who cite its quality and versatility of offerings.”

The Best Of Adult XR Of 2019 Forbes – January 23, 2020




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