New Hulu Gay Slasher Flick ‘Into the Dark’ Features Pup-Play Masked Killer: WATCH

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The new Hulu gay slasher flick Into the Dark embraces tenants of the genre  and features gay nudity and sexual situations like its straight counterparts.

According to IndieWire: For the second season of its popular horror anthology series Into the Dark, the executives at Blumhouse Productions were looking for something extra special: A gay slasher movie. “Midnight Kiss,” a sexy gay slasher set among a group of LA gay friends on New Year’s Eve, 2019, Blumhouse tapped out gay talent — writer Erlingur Thoroddsen and director Carter Smith.

Photo above: Director Carter Smith

Rather than having to sell skeptical execs on a gay script, Thoroddsen was thrilled to learn Blumhouse was chasing gay content.”

They were very open to kind of different interpretations of what that meant. They kind of let me just do my thing,” Thoroddsen told IndieWire during a recent phone interview. “Once Carter [Smith] was on board, they kind of give us a little bit of free reign to play within those parameters.”

“I think that says a lot right there,” Smith added. “It isn’t something we brought to them and they hem-hawed about, and were like, ‘Oh, I don’t know, blah, blah, blah.’ This is something that they actively wanted, which was kind of exciting.”

Smith directed the 2006 horror film The Ruins.

Aside from one straight girl in the group, all of the characters are gay.


The LA Times says: Midnight Kiss gleefully remixes familiar genre tropes with distinctly gay subject matter, delving into the use of hookup apps and the pitfalls of open relationships while coining the hilariously ribald phrase “psychopath bottom.”

Midnight Kiss, the latest, New Year’s Eve-set installment of Blumhouse’s horror anthology Into the Dark, is a B-grade slasher in the tradition of drive-in theaters and late-night TV: Friends hole up in a remote house for the weekend and find themselves being picked off, one by one, by a masked marauder.

The twist?

The friends are a quartet of L.A. gays and their closest straight gal pal. Their cabin in the woods is a rambling, ultra-modern manse in Palm Springs. And Scream’s white mask has been replaced with a sly reference to the popular kink known as “pup play.”

Watch the trailer below. It premiered December 27, on Hulu.


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