‘New Gods’ Director Ava Duvernay Confirms that ‘Mister Miracle’ and ‘Batman’ Comics’ Writer Tom King will Co-Write the Film

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Duvernay posted an image of herself with King on Twitter, along with a caption stating “Hey Tom King, Ready to write New Gods, buddy?”

The Wrap confirmed King’s role in the film.

Created by legendary artist Jack Kirby in 1971, The New Gods focuses on twin alien planets, the idyllic New Genesis and the hellish Apokolips, ruled by equally powerful but morally opposite leaders. New Genesis is ruled by the benevolent Highfather, and Apokolips by the despot Darkseid. The comics have depicted Darkseid’s efforts to destabilize the fragile peace between the worlds as part of his scheme to eliminate free will from the universe. Darkseid is one of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe and a constant threat to the Justice League.

New Gods Darkseid and his son Orion do battle. By Jack Kirby.

King wrote the award winning mini-series Mister Miracle. Miracle is the son of High Father and step-son of Darkesied.

King is also the writer of one of the most critically acclaimed Batman comics’ runs in history.

No release date has been set for New Gods.

No details of the New Gods movie have been announced. Characters and concepts from the New Gods and the Fourth World, created by Jack Kirby for DC Comics, including Steppenwolf and Mother Boxes, were central to the plot of 2017’s Justice League.

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