New Breed of Fashion Threads Reflects Gay as Diaspora

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#GayNrd spoke with Michael Rohrbaugh, the Creative Director of a sexy
queer fashion brand, New Breed, launching just in time for the holidays.

Rohrbaugh says of the vibe: queer is finding yourself in a sun-drenched parking lot
surrounded by feral creatures, drunk as a skunk, dancing to disco. It’s hardcore porn
playing at a sweaty bear bar. It’s gender-fluid faeries swimming naked in a river. Queer
is the thing. It’s the vibe. It’s the fantasy.

The spot is like an Old Navy ad bitten by a radioactive gay spider on steroids at

The line itself is organized around 5 different collections, each named after a
different gayborhood. These gayborhoods are basically shorthand for different queer
breeds. Do you go camping and horde candles? If the answer is yes, check out Salem.
Maybe you subsist on mimosas and pop remixes… If so, you may just be a Weho gurl.
Or perhaps you prefer the taste of leather, sweat, and whiskey? In that case, Soma will
definitely be your speed.

New breed is reflective of the new gay identity. Gay as Diaspora. As we move into the
suburbs do we take something of “gay” culture with us? Yes. New Breed comes along
with the rainbow flags and small town pride.

And while doing that, Rohrbaugh hopes they’re connecting, hatching plans, and making
art. “We hope your readers will follow us on Insta and tell us how we’re