Netflix Claps Back at Popular Meme Suggesting Its Films’ LGBT Characters are Tokens

In an unusually aggressive  public relations move, Netflix has decided to address the tacit accusation of a meme that is going viral that criticizes the streaming network’s inclusion of LGBTQ characters.

A Twitter user posted the meme of the Spongebob Squarepants character Patrick Star stuffing a giant pumpkin into a small funnel.

Netflix retweeted with the comment, “Sorry you have yet to realize that every gay person is very necessary.”

The tweet had over 78,000 likes and nearly 22,000 retweets by Wednesday.

To: How is a gay character being forced down your throat but a straight one isnt?

And finally these hysterical reactions by the official The Walking Dead account:


The Tweet and the reason it resonates may stem from the network’s new Ryan Murphy produced stinker Hollywood which reimagines a classic age of Hollywood that although fictional is so ridiculously revisionist that it undermines the story.