Meet the Trans Man Who’s Helping Trans Men of Color Get the Resources They Need

Dani Farrel is a Black trans man who lives in Prince George County, Maryland who’s dedicated to helping other trans men of color cope and succeed despite the struggles they have to go through.

“I was assigned female at birth,” Dani Farrell said to WUSA9. “However, I never felt comfortable in my own body. So I identify as a trans man. I originally started [Trans in Color] because I felt alone during my journey,” Farrell said. “I didn’t have a lot of people to talk to you. I just kept getting more and more people together. So, now we have a whole community.”

Farrell said that while many transgender people face similar challenges, transgender people of color face different hurdles.

“A lot of times I find that family can be an issue already,” Farrell said. “There is also the issue of being a black man in America, which a lot of us are facing for the first time.”

Farrell founded a group in 2017 called Trans In Color based on his own experiences and the challenges he realized many other trans men of color were facing.

Trans In Color began on Instagram and gained more than 12,000 followers.

The social media page features mostly black and Latino transgender men at different stages of their transitions and from various walks of life.

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