Meet the Hot Texas Tech Entrepreneurs Behind Eco-Friendly Braxley Bands

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Sometimes, the best ideas happen in a classroom.

For Braxton Manley and Grant Andrews, they understood the assignment. What started as a project at Texas Tech has turned into an exciting eco-friendly brand beyond the classroom.

Braxton and Grant would go on to start Braxley Bands, creating the Apple watch band of the future! Starting with $20 for materials to making $100,000 per month on Shopify, no other capital or investment was ever put into the business. In Spring 2019, they pitched Mark Cuban at SXSW and gave him a band. Some say he hasn’t taken it off to this day.

The collection currently includes over 40 on-trend, environmentally sustainable bands for Apple watches. Now is a great time to check them out this month.

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The young brand has all the hallmarks of great innovation – comfort, quality, and style. The days of sewing on Braxton’s grandma’s machine to develop a prototype have paid off.

The signature “relastic” woven fabric is silky, flexible, and breathable. Finely crafted using recycled plastic that is machine washable, think of the bands as comfy sweatpants for your wrist.

The brand uses recycled polyester, also known as rPET, obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber. Recycled polyester is the same quality as virgin polyester, but its production generates 79% fewer carbon emissions.

Further, Braxley Bands has partnered with Trees for the Future and for each band sold, a tree is planted with partner farmers in forest gardens throughout Africa. The company has been able to help plant 100,000 trees thus far.

The duo is living their dreams and is proud to have made a successful career following their creative passions versus going the corporate route. I’d love to set up a time for you to speak with Braxton to learn more about their journey and how they inspire other young entrepreneurs just starting.