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Seattle based actor/singer Cole Hayes had a gnarly summer, finally getting a diagnosis of Chron’s Disease and an intestine infection in late September. He’ still needs some time to recover, but when he does, Ethan and their other bandmates Xandris Idris and Rowan Seitz will finally commence filming one of the most widely anticipated “reality scripted” shows ever.

It’s called Born Stars.

Hudson began bartending the last third of the summer at the uber popular Scarlet Bar.


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What a week! It’s basically all I’ve been talking about because it’s a big life event and talking about it helps me get through. I’ve have bowel issues my entire life. For as long as I remember. I was told it was IBS which was frustrating because I felt like something more intense was going on. Well, last week I ended up in hospital with a fistula in my gut due to #crohnsdisease. It’s been a weird handful of days as I go through recovery, daily antibiotic infusions, tests, and pokes but it feels good to know what has been going on with me. Once I get my firm diagnoses I can start treatment and maybe start feeling healthy and gain back all the weight I’ve lost. It’s been a lot easier with my partner @coaley by my side, who is the sweetest, most loving and caring person. I also have a kick ass family support system and an off the charts friend group whom I love deeply. I’ve been pretty tired the last two days but today I woke up feeling good so I’m going to go cherish this feeling before it leaves.

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