Meet Brett Harrison—The Good Boy Gone Bad Breaking the Internet—And Our Latest #ManCrushMonday

Brett Harrison is a 21-year old college nerd from Atlanta, Georgia. He works in and around Atlanta producing live productions for dozens of schools and venues. Harrison is also finishing his undergraduate degree for Film and Media at Georgia State University. In his spare time he loves watching old sci-fi movies and working on music for Many Mammals, a solo folk project he started in 2016. Only recently out, he’s enjoyed discovering the outs and ins of Atlanta’s gay scene.

Harrison is killing it at film school and three weeks ago started a racy Twitter account called @GoodBoyBrett featuring him in an intense sexual relationship with his stepfather. 20 thousand followers and over 100 thousand views later he says he couldn’t be happier.

GayNrd got to know the regulation hottie and honestly he’s even hotter once you get to know him. Whip smart and empathetic, he’s got incredible presence in front of the camera as well as behind. He’s a multi-hyphenate talent who oozes a boy next door gone bad sexuality.

Harrison says of Many Mammals, “[it] started as a sort of cathartic vanity project, a way to process things. A lot of my songs are about internal conflict and feelings, and surprisingly a lot of people have understood that and appreciate that. I’ve never really emphasized performing or releasing new music with a schedule since it’s something I always did for myself, but I hope to record some new music whenever things return to normal.”

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Used to be cool

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Many Mammals biggest hit was “Locus.” Check out it below.

Film school’s been a long time dream of the guitar wielding  heartthrob. He says that he was hooked on making movies since he was 11. “In the 6th grade” he says,” my friend Kyle and I filmed a horror short one night during a sleepover (our parents made us use bananas instead of knives) and we ended up editing it that night for like eight hours straight, working on some old version of iMovie. That was the first time I really found joy in making a ‘movie’, rather than just watching one.”


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Sweat it out

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His latest video on OnlyFans has been viewed over 100,000 times since debuting Friday and increasing exponentially at the time of this writing.

At a time when many organizations, schools, and health services that might provide a sex positive education for queer youth are facing or have already been drastically cut financially,  Harrison says that his own personal journey to discovering and understanding his own sexuality was relatively fraught less. “Honestly, I didn’t learn the basics of sex from my dad,” he says, “I learned it from Wikipedia, just looking up words that I heard and falling into the rabbit hole. I so wish that I had a formal lesson in school on things like sexuality, because otherwise non-cis culture for example becomes taboo and frightening which can be damaging when you’re wrestling with those feelings as a kid. I think it’s important to have a home or education that normalizes these things but I’m glad I had the Internet and that I didn’t fall into anything dangerous.”

Harrison says he adores filmmakers that bleed all of their fears and personality into their work, “so Ingmar Bergman and Derek Jarman are both big figures to me. Bergman’s films fulfill that religious, existential side and Jarman, of course, embraces all the honesty and heartache of being gay. I haven’t even seen many of their films but it’s who they are as people and the way their soul becomes their work that is so admirable.”

Pressed to name his favorite flicks Harrison replies, “even a top five is way too few but if I had to choose, I would say Tongues Untied, The Red Shoes, On the Waterfront, Bicycle Thieves, and The Thing. I think those choices pretty much cover everything I love about movies.”

Today is National Coming Out Day so I ask the aspiring auteur his own secret origin coming out story, “for me, it was very gradual; it had to start with me, obviously, and that took awhile. Then I told my friends and finally my family, which only happened last year. I think it’s important to know that it doesn’t have to be this big thing, it just has to be whatever is best for you emotionally and mentally, and at the end of the day, if your friends and family really love you, they probably already know anyway — thankfully that was the case for me.”

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