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Marvel Comics Celebrates Pride With 9 New Covers by Phil Jimenez

In addition to Marvel Voices: Pride #1, Marvel Comics will commemorate Pride Month this year with a new series of stunning variant covers by legendary artist Phil Jimenez.

Jimenez posted his sketch of Wiccan & Hulkling on Instagram Thursday, saying: #Wiccan and #Hulking! This cover sure has been making the rounds; another one of the #LGBTQ#pride🌈 variants I did for @marvel, to be released in June (sorry forgot the repeat here). Was quite nervous about this one; they’re two of comicdom’s most notable gay characters and some real masters in my biz have tackled them to incredible effect (@lucianovecchioart was my biggest influence/competition, tho!). I really hope I did them justice.

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I drew all of these covers on the same #hotpink background with a montage of various gay-themed covers (Northstar’s mostly) that Marvel modified and adapted for the final covers. Including the color art here too, just to show the evolution/transformation that occurs in the #process. The Hulking skin color was a procreate experiment; I think it was saved on color. 😉 Hope you enjoy! #procreateapp #digitalart#queerheroes #gaypowercouple#superiorhomos

Spotlighting Marvel’s growing LGBTQ+ representation, Marvel’s pride month variant covers will feature some of Marvel’s most popular LGBTQ+ heroes including Wiccan, Northstar, Mystique, and more. These stunning depictions will proudly adorn the covers of your favorite Marvel titles throughout the month of June.

“I’m always blown away at how different things are now in comics when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation than when I started, and Marvel’s dedication to that inclusion,” Jimenez said.

“As an (ahem!) older gay creator, I’m always thrilled by the opportunity to draw iconic LGBTQ+ characters from Marvel’s past and present, and grateful to contribute to Marvel’s future: one that truly represents the world — and the wonderful diversity of humanity — right outside your window.”

A total of nine covers, Phil Jimenez’s artwork includes the following LGBTQ+ characters:

America Chavez

Black Cat


Hulkling & Wiccan







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