Meet Geoffry Our #ManCrushMonday

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Geoffry Govertsen is a photographer and artist based in Montreal. Govertsen says:

I just moved into a new place and have been reconnecting with my family and close friends a lot this past month. It’s been hard to focus my time on the people that I love rather than the things that just make me feel good in the moment, but eventually the two things have started to feel synonymous. I’ve been doing photo shoots left and right and getting offers for more as I publish each and every one. It’s all built up to a few gorgeous models asking me to shoot them and my first ever wedding gig happening later this month.

In the meantime Govertsen was welcomed back at his job as a systems operator for the State Police Headquarters near his home.

“I never thought working at the State Police would be such a great network of connections for a queer dude but luckily it turns out I was gleefully wrong.”

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