Major’s Daily Motivation Is A Moment of Truth

Read today’s Daily Motivation by #Gaynrd’s resident headspace expert, DeMarco Majors.

Majors attended the ABC Celebrates Pride Month Event in LA last week.

As I walk down truths’ hallway each door is the given truth of my path but today I own it.

I’ve grown from it.

It’s my truth and my purpose it’s a treasure meant for only me but I get to use it the best way I know how and that’s to serve and help others. Moving on from unworthy to worthy.
Moving on from my deceit. 
Moving on from the story of my past to giving myself permission to be in the present. 
Moving on from hopeless nights and shame that stain my path that corrupted the potential of the purpose that awaits me! 
I’m moving on! Are you?

When pride month is about the events and not the parties u go to @abcnetwork@disneystudios FOR A STELLAR pride event! @nickatkinsonofficial

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