Love, Simon Goes to College in Hysterical Parody Sequel Trailer: WATCH

Comedian Connor Malbeuf recently released a parody sequel trailer to the wildly popular film, Love, Simon.
The conceit is  “what-if” Simon went to college.
In the very funny send up, Malbuef imagines that Simon essentially becomes the Instagay, Equinox-goer, bar-star he never wanted to become. “It also allows us to finally see Simon in a more wild natured way, compared to his timid and innocent self in high school,” Malbeuf says.
“There is an actual spin-off that will air this year on Hulu, called Love, Victor,” he continues, “But, I thought, what would Simon’s story be after high school? Let’s only hope he uses protection.”

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It’s been a while since we saw Simon come out to his high school friends. Now, Simon’s on to his next adventure, College; to become the full-time Instagay, thotty bar star he was destined to become. Cum along on his journey. Cumming to theaters this Pride Month.
Meanwhile Love, Simon’s creator, writer and best selling novelist Becky Albertalli’s recently announced the book sequel, Love, Creekwood, which will follow Simon and friends as they head off to college.
Watch it below.