LGBT Folks Are Being Villainized in Poland Ahead of National Elections

“Views that are offensive or illegal in many European countries have been widely aired in Poland ahead of the European Parliament elections, where LGBTQ rights are a hot-button issue,” reports NBC News.

In a bitter campaign, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has depicted such rights as dangerous foreign ideas that undermine traditional values in Poland, a staunchly Roman Catholic country.

The Polish Gay Pride Flag

The popular right wing leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski , of the PiS party has urged Poles to vote for what he calls “the only party that gives a 100 percent guarantee that our values will be protected.”

“PiS needs an enemy, someone to fight against, someone they can use to raise fear,” said Bartosz Staszewski, an LGBTQ activist. “Before, it was immigrants. This time it’s LGBT people.”

Earlier this year, Poland just had its first gay inclusive prom at the Bednarska High School in the capitol city of Warsaw.


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