Let Snow Man’s ‘Secret Touch’ Keep You Warm This Winter

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With BTS making history as the first Asian group to win best artist at the American Music Awards one can only hope that other Asian groups will soon follow suit. One of the groups to watch: Japan’s Snow Man.

The idol group, formed in 2009, consists of 9 incredibly talented (and insanely hot) men between the ages of 19 and 29 who, with the release of their newest single  “Secret Touch” are showing a softer more sensual side to their music.

Expressing the emotions and anxieties of realizing you have feelings for someone who might not feel the same, “Secret Touch” is one of those songs any person, of any age, in any part of the world, can relate to and when the velvety voice of the group’s youngest member Raul asks “Are you my friend? Are you my lover?” even the coldest of cold dead hearts will melt.

Dropping December 1st this mid-tempo ballad is a step in a different direction for the group whose previous releases have mostly been upbeat dance songs which shows that they have the chops to cross over into the US market. What sets this group apart, in addition to their talent, is the fact that, even in Japan, they’re not over-saturating the market. Managed by Johnny and Associates, the group is more concerned about quality than quantity.

“Johnny’s is focusing on cultivating more visually experiential streaming platforms such as YouTube, where fans can enjoy the song as well as the cute/cool/crazy that their boys are brought up to embody,” a person affiliated with the group says. “This is something which to them is far more precious than simply throwing yet another pop song into the meat grinder of audio streaming services.”

Watching their videos, it’s clear that Snow Man is dedicated to their craft. A director’s cut of “Secret Touch” focuses and the group’s dancing ability which is synced and sexy and honestly, just beautiful to watch.

Available as a physical release  the CD comes in three editions: Premium Version A includes the official b-side “Boku no Kanojo ni Natteyo.” (“Be my girlfriend.”) which the group describes as “what happens AFTER you get over that initial anxiety.”

The b-side of Premium Version B features the group’s first Holiday song “Christmas Wishes” in place of “Boku no Kanojo ni Natteyo.”

Each premium version also includes a DVD featuring behind the scenes and the music videos of both the title track and the versions’ the b-side.

A Standard release (which does not include a DVD) features “Secret Touch” both b-sides, and a bonus track “My Sweet Girl” as well as instrumental / karaoke versions of all four tracks.

Secret Touch is also featured as one of the two themes to the comedy/drama series My Love Mix-Up, which stars the group’s Ren Meguro as Ida, a popular high school student who finds himself developing feelings for his male classmate Aoki (played by Naniwa Danshi’s Shunsuke Michieda). A series all about the joys and anxieties of first love, the song is perfect.

For more information on the band please check out their official website here and Johnny &Associates official Twitter here.

International fans are welcome to purchase the CDs with the help of Johnny & Associates preferred international proxy partner, Neokyo.com