Legendary Dallas News’ Washington Bureau Chief Predicts Buttigieg & Abrams Ticket Will Win in 2020

Carl Leubsdorf, a columnist with the Dallas Morning News, and who has served as that paper’s Washington D.C. bureau chief for 27 years has made accurate semi-serious year-end predictions about the upcoming elections every year.

This week he said: Democrats’ Buttigieg-Abrams ticket, riding a popular vote majority of 4.5 million votes, wins election with bare 270 electoral votes. Trump holds Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. But Democrats win Arizona’s 11 electoral votes and clinch election with Abrams’ Georgia (16) and Buttigieg’s Indiana (11), where analysts blame backlash over Trump dropping Pence for 9,900-vote Democratic margin. Trump, alleging widespread fraud, challenges Indiana result. Trump edges Buttigieg in Texas, but Democrats regain control of Texas House, 76-74. Democrats hold U.S. House and, in a surprise, gain three Senate seats, losing Alabama but winning Arizona, Colorado, Kansas and Maine. By winning the presidency, VP-elect Abrams gives Democrats control of 50-50 Senate.

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