Lane Rogers and Angel Rivera on Living the New American Dream: WATCH πŸ‘€

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Gaymer and regulation hottie Lane Rogers interviewed 2020 Str8UpGayPorn Awards Performer of the Year Angel Rivera on his Twitch TV channel Friday.

The conversation ran the gamut covering all the basics of being burgeoning pornstars, Chaturbate, smoking weed, and the “golden years” of Helix studios, but also a smart conversation on real estate, the benefits of getting a college degree, and how the proliferation of presidential use of the executive order’s power has left the government in a precarious position and is, in part, the reason for all the finger pointing, rather than legislating.

They also discussed the pros and cons of living in New York and Los Angeles in the age of COVID and whether they could just do whatever they want from anywhere (Rogers: Kentucky and Rivera: “Bum fuck Texas”).

Rivera argues that pandemic or not if you lived in Texas you gotta deal with, well, Texas.

Answering questions from viewers, the two expertly elucidate the GameStop -Reddit – Robin Hood App story and how it’s been nothing but love (platonic) between them, since the first day they met.

TheyΒ  go on to talk about the code switching they have to do when they are back in their hometowns, “It’s like living on the edge of a blade,” and how they both are really living the new American dream by following and monetizing their passions.

Lane ends the hour long interview with a special request from a viewer who wants to see Rivera flex his chest muscles and Rivera happily consents.

Watch here on TwitchTV.

Lane was also back on YouTube with some life updates and a “Where have I been?!” edition.

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