Kevin Hart Talks To Charlemagne tha God About Dave Chappelle

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Kevin Hart was on The Breakfast Club Tuesday morning and in a wide ranging conversation he and Charlemagne tha God talked about Dave Chappelle and “cancel culture.”

The comedy legend also opened up about his relationship with Dave Chappelle, and the star coming to his defense following his 2018 Oscar controversy. Kev shared:

“For my brother, Dave. I did an interview, with the Wall Street Journal, and the reporter asked me ‘How do you feel about Dave coming to your defense?’ And I said. ‘Why do you feel like he’s coming to my defense? Why can’t you see that he’s just my friend.’ Here’s where me and Dave just laugh. The conversation attached to Dave’s name is attached to him as if people know him. The ****** up reality about Dave Chappelle, this ******* has everybody around him — when I say ‘everybody’, I’m talking about ‘everybody’.”

Following criticism against his October-released Netflix special The CloserDave Chappelle had more to say about so-called “canceled” life at a screening event for his untitled documentary, where he also delivered comments and jokes that have since been called out as transphobic. “Week four of being canceled, it’s crazy,” Chappelle told attendees of the Madison Square Garden event, according to an extended report from the Daily Beast. Notably, attendees were required to place their phones in Yondr pouches. From there, Chappelle is said to have recounted being given a pistol by his wife as a gift, at which point Chappelle joked that the final thing a person would say to him before he used the gun would be “f****t.” In this hypothetical scenario, Chappelle is said to have added, he would state he identified as a woman should the possibility of imprisonment arise.

According to the report, this bit was delivered amid a story about a racist neighbor against whom the comedian filed a protection order. Chappelle, per the report, also offered to provide funds to the man for therapy or similar services, though he noted that any subsequent payment in connection with this offer would have to be kept under wraps. Otherwise, Chappelle is reported to have told the crowd, people would start showing up at his residence in pursuit of their own medical assistance. At some point, Chappelle is also said to have joked that trans people would then be requesting that he pay for surgeries.