Kanye West Tweeted & Deletes Disturbing Post About Being Murdered Addressed to Daughter Northwest

Kanye West tweeted and then deleted a disturbing Tweet about being murdered addressed to his daughter Northwest.

According to Page Six, “Kanye West is raising concerns after tweeting and deleting a disturbing message where he wrote about being murdered and having his daughter North taken away from him. ‘NORTHY I AM GOING TO WAR AND PUTTING MY LIFE ON THE LINE AND IF I AM MURDERED DON’T EVER LET WHITE MEDIA TELL YOU I WASNT A GOOD MAN,” West, 43, wrote in a tweet, adding, “WHEN PEOPLE THREATEN TO TAKE YOU OUT OF MY LIFE JUST KNOW I LOVE YOU’ Attached was  a photo of 7-year-old North, whom he shares with Kim Kardashian. His message alarmed fans who saw the tweet before it disappeared.”