Justin Bieber Doesn’t Think Trump is Doing Anything to Free A$AP Rocky

Justin Bieber doesn’t feel Trump is being honest about his efforts to free A$AP Rocky from jail in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tone Deaf said:

In case you missed the endlessly ongoing news, A$AP Rocky was arrested after a fight in Stockholm, and has been in a Swedish prison ever since.

Then, his manager’s hotel room was raided by Swedish police.

Celebrities have all gathered on social media to voice their outrage, some even vowing to boycott Sweden for good, under the hashtag #FreeA$AP. Fans have even signed a petitionthat is currently 620,000 strong, urging Swedish officials to free the famous rapper.

When all hope was lost, however, everyone’s favourite lawyer-to-be Kim Kardashian West, and her husband Kanye, stepped in, lobbying the White House and writing to President Donald Trump to take action.

And apparently, their efforts were not wasted, and after talks with the President, it seems action will soon be made.

Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce that he will be calling the “very talented Prime Minister of Sweden” in order to discuss pressing international matters, such as the freedom of A$AP Rocky, immediately. Or, as soon as possible.

Since then, A$AP has been charged with assault after the man A$AP allegedly assaulted and two other men in Stockholm provided 500 pages of documents that allege A$AP kicked them while on the ground, hit him with a bottle. A majority of the 500 page documents are photos of the alleged victim’s cuts, bruises and blood-stained clothes, according to Swedish prosecutors who presented the documents in court. The documents were obtained Friday by The Associated Press.

Bieber’s response echoed what everyone has been saying.

With the new, damning evidence presented today Bieber has up to now been publicly silent but apparently in private is ready to attack Trump if he doesn’t deliver on his promise.

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