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YOUNG BEN SOLO illustrated by Veronika-Art on Deviant Art.

TODAY’S MOOD “One impossible thing at a time.”

CBS released key art for Star Trek: Discovery season 3, or did they? Daily Star Trek News reports: Yesterday, Twitter lit up with news that new key art had been released for Disco season 3. Three new images were shared, claiming to be from CBS, but it wasn’t entirely clear where the images came from, exactly. Now, what appears to be the original tweet showing off the new art has been deleted, and at least one other prominent account’s image attachments appear to have been removed due to a copyright claim. Even (who are owned by CBS) opted to not share the image directly, although they did write an article on it. So what’s going on?”

“But what about those images? The key part of the art is what appears to be the crew of the Discovery, mounting a hill, with Commander Burnham at the lead, holding up a flagpole from which flies a tattered flag of the United Federation of Planets (like the one we have seen in season 3 trailers). From left to right we see: Georgiou, Tilly, Saru, Burnham, new character Book, Stamets, new non-binary character (presumably) Adira, and Doctor Culber. It’s all set against a rocky planet with a beautiful muted palette – all told it’s some pretty beautiful artwork. Shame there’s a chance it might not be real.”

Watch the trailer below.

FORMER BERNIE BRO Pete Buttigieg wrote on Twitter, “I was into Bernie before it was cool, and I appreciate that he’s honest about his policies – like his policy that will raise taxes on anybody making more than $29,000 to fund his health care plan.”

80 YEARS of Robin is celebrated at DC Comics this year.


HARDBALL “I am the only candidate who has beaten him at anything so far in the voting that has gone on this year.” @PeteButtigiegon Bernie Sanders

GETS TEXT from Mike Bloomberg’s campaign.


JOHN MULANEY cast as Pete Buttigieg? “As I accept all movies offered (2 so far) I accept,” he wrote on Twitter.

FLASH FACT Ezra Miller is beautiful.

SHAKE UP at DC Comics. Dan DiDio is out as co-publisher. THR reports: “DiDio’s departure comes ahead of an announced further relaunch of the DC comic book universe that would restore even more elements removed as part of the 2011 reboot, as teased at New York Comic Con last year. While that project has not been officially announced, certain stories that reportedly tie-in have been, including DC’s Free Comic Book Day release Generation Zero: Gods Among Us. It’s unclear if plans for this relaunch will be delayed or cancelled in the wake of this news.”

SEVEN OF NINE returned last night and Jeri Ryan looks fabulous. Picard got all crazy and Hellraiser horrific in episode 5.

Jeri Ryan wears this role well.

MOOD Ok done with Episode 5 of Picard….I have one question…


STAR TREK & HOW LANGUAGE DEHUMANIZES Star Trek Picard has returned to one of Star Trek‘s common themes of the dehumanization of the other, how we vilify those who we see as less then. So let’s use Star Trek to take a look at where dehumanization starts; language.

REQUIRED READING Christopher Bollen’s A Beautiful Crime is his best work yet.

From Interview Magazine: “The novel, the fourth written by Interview’s Editor-at-Large  Bollen, two men also take advantage of a Venetian mansion — this time an actual palazzo in Venice — and leverage its ancient artifacts and history for profit. Unlike the Gardner heist, there’s a gay love tryst, a murder, and an Airbnb crisis that’s sinking a city underwater. In an age when con artists like Anna Delvey and Billy McFarland are becoming swindling sensations, Bollen [spoke] about his new novel, the glamour of the grifter narrative, and America’s fascination with con culture.”

Read the full interview here.

COMMUNISM OR NEO FEUDALISM Jodi Dean writes, “I accept McKenzie Wark’s provocation to consider that we are not under capitalism but something worse. And I respond by drawing out the tendencies in the present that point beyond capitalism to this something worse, to a neo-feudalism of new lords and new serfs, a micro-elite of platform billionaires and the massive service sector or sector of servants. Insofar as I am emphasizing tendencies toward neo-feudalism, my response to Wark is premised on the idea that capitalism has always overlapped with, relied on, and exploited other modes of production and accumulation. Indeed, capitalism makes them worse, dismantling the conditions to which they were adapted and subjecting them to alien laws.Today capitalism is making itself into something worse as its processes of real subsumption turn in on themselves. Communicative capitalism’s monopoly concentration, intensified inequality, and subjection of the state to the market are resulting in a neo-feudalism where accumulation occurs as much through rent, debt, and power as it does through commodity production.”

Read the full essay here.

TWEET OF THE DAY Two different kind of beards.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY Taylor Swift’s “Delicate.”


GRATUITOUS Bruce LaBruce writes, Coming Soon! @MatthewCampNYCin my cinematic adaptation of Tom of Finland’s Kake comic “Service Station” presented by #TomofFinland and”

VIDEO OF THE DAY Tom Goss & Mean Girl’s Daniel Franzese  in “Quebec.”

Watch it below.

FRIDAY AND WE’RE IN LOVE with this Venezuelan shutterbug.

BRAZILIAN SPIDER-MEN because sometimes one’s not enough.

VIDEO OF THE DAY 2 Alanis Morrisstte’s “Smiling.”



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