Jason Momoa Says Humanity Is a ‘Plague’ in U.N. Speech on Climate: WATCH

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This is as close as we’re going to get to Aquaman in the real life.

In an impassioned speech at the United Nations’ Small Islands Event,  Momoa, like his fictional counterpart says that with a foothold in two worlds, he understands the very real threat of climate change. He began by saying Aloha and, “We, the island nations and all coastal communities, are the frontlines in this environmental crisis,” he said. “Entire islands are drowning into the sea due to the enormous volume of emissions generated by first world countries.”

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When the frontline is gone, we are doomed. There is no undoing.

“We’ve been half assing our global efforts to reverse the climate crisis and this can’t continue. We have to change now,” he continued. “For the future of our planet, and Small Island Developing States, the wave of change is coming.”

“That was a life changing moment, a true honor to represent island nations at the UN,” Momoa wrote on Instagram. “It takes an amazing team and support system to pull off something like this. I am deeply grateful to my wife and children, my mother @lonelywhale@duneives @realdealmada @paakai97@maluhiakinimaka @UnitedNations@UN_PGA #kukiaimauna
#SAMOAPathway #SIDSSummit. Aloha j #purpsonpurpslookgood#wegotsomethingtosay #nomorehalf-assing #3kanakasandaMADA.”

He followed with another post saying, “For those who couldn’t watch it live, watch me fumble through my very honest and direct speech. No BS. Nothing sugar coated, just straight from the heart.”

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