Jake Shears Shares Moving Story of Coming Out, Growing Up, and Figuring Out Where He Fit in the World

Former Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears shared a moving story of coming out, growing up, and figuring out where he fit in the world on National Coming Out Day.

A couple months ago my pal Jen Bowman sent me this pic from when I was probably around 16.

I had just come out within that year.

There’s not a lot of pics from this time so I really cherish it.

When I look at it now I see a kid with a lot on his mind, trying to figure out how he fits in the world.

With the help and mentor-ship of people like Dan Savage, Terry Miller, and Bunny Falkenberg, I started figuring out my way.

I was so lucky to have them.

As adults we find our paths and grow up and move on with life, but I’ve really come to understand that these kids we were, are still in our hearts and need some attention every now and again. They made us who we are now.

Try to give some time to those struggling or questioning. Try to give some time for those in their sunset years, who were never able to come out in their youth.

I feel so fortunate to have been out now for 28 years. I look forward to 28 more.

Happy National Coming Out Day everyone.


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